Companies profiled

Returns for companies profiled as at 31 July 2018. 

CompanyDate of postPrice at posting dateLast traded or sale priceTotal dividends receivedTotal shareholder return (TSR)TSR (annualised)Comments
Regional Express Holdings2/6/150.981.360.1453.1%14.7%
Galileo Japan Trust1/7/151.772.730.1764.1%45.6%Delisted - capital fully distributed 31/10/17
Schaffer Corporation31/7/165.1714.120.54183.6%71.1%
CMI Ltd29/9/161.051.460.0948.3%24.8%
Seven TELYS416/12/1671.8080.957.0022.5%13.8%
Steamships Trading24/4/1818.5019.5005.4%21.7%

Prices are updated on a monthly basis and based on end of day price in local currency. Total shareholder return is calculated using the following formula: sale or current price + dividends/ price at posting date. Total shareholder return (annualised) is the annual compounded return and takes into account timing of actual cash flows (dividends not reinvested). Dividends are based on the cash received and are not adjusted for franking credits.

The purpose of the above table is to keep track of the companies profiled on this blog. It is not investment advice.  



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