About CV Capital

CV Capital is a private investment vehicle established to create long term value for our shareholders. Our goal is to compound our shareholder’s capital at high rates of return over a long period of time (decades).

We believe in:
1) Total integrity in running our fund and dealing with our shareholders;
2) High alignment of interest between the manager and the other investors where the manager has significant personal investment in the fund;
3) Compounding capital over a long time horizon;
4) A fair fee structure.

Investment philosophy

We are value investors. We look for assets that are being sold at market prices significantly lower than their intrinsic (true) values. As such, we are searching for mispriced opportunities and we believe that there are more of such opportunities available in places which are less crowded.

Time horizon
In general, we have a long term outlook and our preferred time horizon for holding an investment is 5 years or more. For some investments, we intend to hold them for decades to come.

The number of investments we make is largely dependent on the opportunities available in the market. As a general rule we intend to hold no less than 5 investments and no more than 30.

Fee structure
We have a performance based fee dependent on a beating our benchmark. Our benchmark is Statestreet’s ASX 200 ETF (ticker:STW). We do not charge a management fee based on the funds under management.

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