CV Capital

Day 1

Today (15 Jan 2018) is the start of CV Capital (CVC). Our starting capital is made up of cash (circa 35%) and listed securities (65%). The securities were part of my capital contribution and I took today’s closing prices as the value of my capital contribution. I intend to transfer most if not all of my personal portfolio into CVC over 6 to 12 months. It would have been too much of a drain on my cash flow (taxation – CGT) to transfer my entire portfolio at one go.

In terms of our benchmark, the Statestreet ASX 200 ETF (ticker: STW) closed today at $56.70. This value will be the reference point for the benchmark’s return in 2018. CVC’s starting value per share is $1.

I will update shareholders on a fortnightly basis going forward.



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