Significant win for REX

In my last update for Rex, I noted that I was going to hold my position till I see a trend reversal in passenger numbers.  Recently Rex had their AGM and announced a few interesting developments which I think may reverse the declining passenger numbers, amongst other things. The important bits worth noting are: RexRead More


Floating Rate Notes I thought I write a bit about floating rate notes (FRN) as when the price is right, it can be a good investment for those who need a steady income. So what are floating rate notes? According to Wikipedia: “Floating rate notes (FRNs) are bonds that have a variable coupon, equal to a money market reference rate, like LIBOR or federalRead More

Flying through the fog …

Regional Express FY2015 results Rex recently announced its FY2015 results and it was a mixed result with both favourable and unfavourable elements.  Let’s start with the bad news: Passenger numbers were down again. YOY it fell another 2.7% and this is the 7th year of continuous fall in passenger numbers.  I am convinced that theRead More

Land of the rising GJT…

Galileo Japan Trust FY2015 results GJT announced its FY2015 results last week.  All in all, it was a strong set of results from the Company with a nice surprise from the rental revisions.  The key positive highlights are: In the recapitalisation memo in late 2013, management forecasted the annualised pro-forma net profit to be A$18.2Read More

Ultimate contrarian trade (Part 2)

Grek  Greek regulators are finally taking steps to reopen the Athens stock exchange.  After a month of closure, it will be interesting to see how volatile the market will be during the first few days of trading.  Will investors run for the exit or has prospects of a European bailout managed to calmed nerves? ThisRead More

Ultimate contrarian trade (Part 1)…

Financial crisis The current unfolding crisis in Europe intrigued my curiosity about investing in Greek shares during this very uncertain period.  I know that investors tend to overreact and that the best time to invest is when everyone throws in the towel (capitulation), which is typically associated when fear is at it’s highest (be fearful whenRead More

Good things come in small packages…

Regional Express Holdings As a general rule, I stay away from investing in the aviation sector given its tough and volatile business conditions.  But on rare occasions like this one, I bend the rules. Regional Express is Australia’s largest regional airline based in Mascot, NSW.  It was formed by merging the old Hazelton and KendellRead More

Good old checklists…

I believe it is important to have a checklist before making an investment.  Very much like buying a pre-owned vehicle, a used car buying checklist can help us avoid buying a “lemon” by reminding us of specific checks or to be aware of certain faults.  Therefore, given the risk inherent risks in investing, an investment checklistRead More

Hedging inflation ….

For my first post (which has been a long time coming!), I thought I touch on the Australian stock market returns. We’ll look at whether returns from the ASX keep up with inflation (inflation adjusted returns – which are not frequently cited) and what portion of returns is made up by dividends. I’ve used the ASXRead More