CV Capital – 16 Feb 18 update

To my fellow shareholders, Our one month milestone has passed. Although the market (ASX 200 index) fell by 3.5% from 6,121 (close at Friday, 2 Feb 2018) to 5,904 (close at Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018), individual stocks which I have been monitoring did not fall to levels which I felt gave us a big enoughRead More

Another cuppa, moms and dads?

I was inspired to write this post after reading a recent article in the SMH by Noel Whittaker. Cappuccino or latte (cafe latte) is about $3.50 in Sydney. Can you build a nest egg just by forgoing one cuppa a day? You bet. As a parent with a young toddler, I believe starting an earlyRead More

CV Capital – 30 Jan 18 update

To my fellow shareholders, As one of my first post on CV Capital (CVC), I would like to talk about my investing philosophy. I think it is important that you have a good understanding of my investing strategy as I believe it will: Help you understand how I hope to achieve the investment returns AlignRead More

Day 1

Today (15 Jan 2018) is the start of CV Capital (CVC). Our starting capital is made up of cash (circa 35%) and listed securities (65%). The securities were part of my capital contribution and I took today’s closing prices as the value of my capital contribution. I intend to transfer most if not all ofRead More

CV Capital

Ground Rules I’ve recently set up a private investment company, CV Capital.  The main purpose of setting up this investment company is for long term wealth creation and to get an audited track record of investment performance. Most of my net worth (outside the family home) will be invested into the company. I thought IRead More

Bitcoin, fool’s gold

Looking back at 2017, I think the biggest financial news for the year was bitcoin’s meteoric rise from $964 on 1 Jan 2017 to a high of $19,100 on 18 Dec, a return of 1,884% in less than 12 months. After hitting the highs, its price has fallen and is currently trading at $14,000. ItsRead More

Unexplained volatility

I’ve owned Regional Express’ (REX) for a while now and lately I’ve noticed that the share price movements have been more volatile than usual. After yesterday’s massive 11.3% gain, I wanted to see whether the recent share price volatility made any sense. In terms of significant announcements made by the company; the FY17 financial results,Read More

An easy billion

I recently read Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules by Jeremy Miller. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in Warren Buffett’s pre-Berkshire days when he was starting out his various investment partnerships, which were eventually consolidated into a single partnership called Buffett Partnership Limited (BPL). What I found impressive was Warren’s clarity of thought andRead More

The fat lady has sung

Final distribution for GJT GJT is a gift that keeps on giving. Earlier in the year, I got a nice surprise from GJT when they announced one last distribution which was to be paid in October. So yesterday I received the final 2 cent distribution from GJT. All in all, shareholders have received the followingRead More