Unexplained volatility

I’ve owned Regional Express’ (REX) for a while now and lately I’ve noticed that the share price movements have been more volatile than usual. After yesterday’s massive 11.3% gain, I wanted to see whether the recent share price volatility made any sense. In terms of significant announcements made by the company; the FY17 financial results,Read More

An easy billion

I recently read Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules by Jeremy Miller. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in Warren Buffett’s pre-Berkshire days when he was starting out his various investment partnerships, which were eventually consolidated into a single partnership called Buffett Partnership Limited (BPL). What I found impressive was Warren’s clarity of thought andRead More

The fat lady has sung

Final distribution for GJT GJT is a gift that keeps on giving. Earlier in the year, I got a nice surprise from GJT when they announced one last distribution which was to be paid in October. So yesterday I received the final 2 cent distribution from GJT. All in all, shareholders have received the followingRead More