Central Banks

I wanted to share a recent film documentary (link below) which I found intriguing. This film documentary is an adaptation of Richard Werner’s book “Princes of Yen”, a bestseller in Japan in 2001. In his book, Richard Werner makes the assertion that the Bank of Japan (BOJ) purposely created both the Japanese asset bubble inRead More

So you want to beat the index

This is a follow up to the Mr. Market and Charles Munger posts. Long term outperformance against the index is rare. Based on this smh report, it says that 2/3 of all active Australian fund managers fail to outperform their benchmarks over a 3 year and 5 year time horizon. Another thing that is alsoRead More

Mr. Market and Amazon

It is harder today to find bargains than when Ben Graham or Warran Buffet ran their investment funds, I don’t think there is any doubt there. Statistically cheap stocks (net nets or even massively discounted NTA) very rarely turn up and when they do, they typically have massive leverage with high default and insolvency risk.Read More