The fat lady has sung

Final distribution for GJT GJT is a gift that keeps on giving. Earlier in the year, I got a nice surprise from GJT when they announced one last distribution which was to be paid in October. So yesterday I received the final 2 cent distribution from GJT. All in all, shareholders have received the followingRead More

It’s a wrap

Sakura Sogo REIT successfully listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange which brings the curtain down on GJT. As the sale proceeds from the property portfolio in Yen has been converted into Australian dollars at an exchange rate of A$1:¥78.08, shareholders are expected to get a special distribution between $2.68 and $2.69 and an ordinary distributionRead More

High five GJT holders

GJT has worked out very well for me and I’m particularly pleased with the result. I’m happy not only because the share price is up but more so because the opportunity to close the discount to book value was clear to me when I invested. That has finally occurred with the masterstroke by management toRead More

Land of the rising GJT…

Galileo Japan Trust FY2015 results GJT announced its FY2015 results last week.  All in all, it was a strong set of results from the Company with a nice surprise from the rental revisions.  The key positive highlights are: In the recapitalisation memo in late 2013, management forecasted the annualised pro-forma net profit to be A$18.2Read More