CV Capital – FY2019

To my fellow shareholders, Following on my 31 Dec 19 quarter report, I would like to provide a quick update on the FY2019 results (our 2nd year milestone was passed on 14 Jan 20). Last year has been a fantastic year for stocks. Most major stock markets in the world experienced eye-watering gains and theRead More

CV Capital Sept 19 quarter update

In my last report, I said that it was a challenging period to find bargains. My definition of a bargain is a stock that has very little downside but has significant upside potential (i.e. low risks and high returns). Traditionally, an easy way to spot a potential bargain is to look for statistically cheap stocks,Read More

CV Capital June 19 quarter update

To my fellow shareholders, You may have noticed that I have not provided an update since April and the main reason for this is that I have decided to change the reporting frequency from monthly updates to quarterly updates. Given our long term investing strategy, changes in the monthly returns really are inconsequential in theRead More

CV Capital – 30 April 2019

To my fellow shareholders, The market continued its strong run in April. Since the beginning of the year, our benchmark (STW) has returned 17.3% inclusive of dividends and franking credits. I have to admit that I am surprised at the strength of equity markets globally given the trade hostilities between the two largest economies inRead More

CV Capital – 31 March 2019

To my fellow shareholders, Our accountant has finalised the FY2018 financial statements which I have sent to you by email. They have also independently calculated our pre-tax net asset per share value to be $1.0755 (Page 4) which verifies my calculation for FY2018 return of 7.6%.  I read that Geoff Wilson, a famous Australian fundRead More

CV Capital – 28 February 2018

To my fellow shareholders, I have recently got back to Sydney after being away for a month which is the reason for the slight delay and brevity of February’s report. The stock market is having an amazing start to 2019. Year-to-date (1 Jan 19 to 28 Feb 19) our benchmark STW is up 11.8% erasingRead More

CV Capital – 30 November 2018

To my fellow shareholders, Maintaining the trend from October, the ASX 200 index was down approximately 3% in November, without taking into consideration dividends. US China trade war and rising interest rates in the US have all weighted on the market. Unless there is a major rally in December, it is increasing looking like calenderRead More